Conair Sound Therapy

Humans are made of mostly water, carbon, and minerals as is the earth. That is why listening to the sounds of nature has a calming, relaxing effect on us, and why the rhythms of nature can help us sleep. Our bodies naturally resonate to the noise of water and woodland.

Conair Sound Therapy (CST) is brought to you by the same people who might have produced your hair dryer or curling iron. Conair creates “sound machines” that allow people to close their eyes and listen to a light rain, or waves washing a beach. It helps you imagine yourself by a babbling brook, or laying under a tree on a windy day, the leaves whispering sweet nothings.

You are likely familiar with music CDs that include nature sounds, but Conair sticks to the a cappella songs of nature. There is no tune for the mind to grab onto, and the natural beat of rain on the roof, or the shoosh of a waterfall, will help release any tension the body holds.

Conair systems also produce white noise. White noise comes from all sound frequencies being jumbled together, creating a “hissing” sound. It cancels out background disturbances, and studies have validated that white noise has a calming effect on people.

Because so many of use lead busy city lives, listening to the sounds of nature helps us fill a void we may not realize we have. There is something in us that only resonates to the primal sounds of our own nature. The natural sounds can also be played while meditating, practicing yoga or Tai chi, during Reike or massage treatments, or as a pleasant background sound while you work.

This is an inexpensive therapy that could benefit people who are anxious or depressed. It helps with insomnia, relieves stress, and soothes children. Reviews by users of CST are predominately positive. Most people like the sound quality and find the system well made.

For those of you with babies, Conair has a sound machine designed for infants (i.e., plays a heartbeat) and is also a clock radio.


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